The Benefit of Construction Safety

It is a fact, that construction sites have many areas that bring out accidents, making it a hazard caution environment. Despite measures on risk assessment and prevention of accidents measures being emphasized, the number of accidents and fatalities statistics keep rising. Click to get more info. Most of the cases on why accidents are more prevalent in the construction site are basically due to poor supervision by the superior, minimal training, ignorance on the part of the workers knowing their fundamental rights.
Prime hazards need be taken up and immediately addressed at the construction site. The first safety is to do with protection against dust. Dust usually generated in huge amount is a safety concern to workers. The employees are at a risk to contract chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, which results in respiratory ailment. Commonly referred to as asbestosis. In order to minimize the dust, the use of vacuum extraction/ filtration by the setting of a containment tent with an extraction will provide the right ventilation and respiratory condition. The workers should not be used to move or lift heavy objects. If they carry such weight, they are likely to risk having musculoskeletal disorders and reoccurrence strain injuries. Having a manual safeguard in handling such machinery through training. Capacity in the form of lifting equipment could reinforce safety to the workers
Many construction employees face injuries due to tripping or slipping. The causes of such accidents are surfaces that are either slippery or uneven surfaces. Avoidance of such accidents can be through managing work areas and access routes. The noise that is excessive will cause noise-induced hearing loss. Common symptoms include headaches, stress, and hypertension. The level of noise should be over 85 decibels, otherwise, the workers need to be protected. Controlling noise includes screening, use of absorbent materials to protect the staff and the general public. Hand power tools account for the highest rate of pool-related injuries. Mostly out of misuse, improper maintenance and ad hoc attendance to the equipment results in injuries. Click to get more info. It is important to maintain portable tools to prevent accidents.
Chronic respiratory system and the eyes are sensitive to fumes generated by equipment emitting such fumes. Apart from causing respiratory illness, the fumes result in lung and bladder cancer. It is important for the management to switch to low Sulphur fuel or use of electric power to reduce the exposure of the workers to these fumes. The other measure is the fitting of particulate and catalytic filters on exhaust pipes. The use of local exhaust ventilation is a cheaper means of reducing the case of fume poisoning.

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